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If you are a student in Mrs. Beck's class, this blog is for you.  

To earn some extra credit points in science class this is what you'll need to do.  Please do not sign in with your real name, we want to keep your identity safe, so use your secure name that we decided to blog with in class.

To earn the extra credit: 
Find a website that has interesting information about the moon.  It can have a video, pictures, and/or information.  Leave the name of the website in your comment and tell me what information I can find from visiting the website.

Example Blog Comment:

In this website you can find an animation of the lunar phases.  There is even an interactive quiz on this site.  I think it is a good website to use to find out general information about the moon, but it is not kid friendly
1/9/2010 08:20:43 am

This website has facts about the phases and what we have been learning in our:
*moon phase fact booklet*
It shows new, waxing crescent, quarter, waxing gibbous, full, wayning gibbous, 3rd quarter, and wayning crescent moons. It also tells about how the moon will look like in 29.5 days in a picture and no this is not a navy website. Yet still, this shows that the moon is misterious in new and full moons.

1/11/2010 03:30:14 am

It is an informational website about the moon theorys, the Apollo missions, the last man on the moon,and some tricky lunar puzzlers.The website is

clorox wipes
1/11/2010 03:52:07 am and it has many facts and games and also shows you moon facts pictures of the moon and its solar system. It also shows to moon phases in order and what moon phase is currently happening. It has info of when the first ship came to the moon and who stepped on the moon first.

1/11/2010 06:02:00 am

This is a good web site to go on if you want to learn about the moon. It has lots of good information. Like it tells you how big the moon is and how much it weighs. It also tells that your weight changes on the moon. Lastly it said that the moon causes tides. That is why this is a good web site to go on if you want to learn about the moon.

1/11/2010 08:21:27 am

Hi Mrs Kady. I love the lesson we learned about the moon. The web address I am about to give you is where I looked rarely for the identifying the moon assignment we had previously in the chapter. The web address is, I hope I get all the extra credit points possible. Remember a few days ago when we were talking about trying to soften you up. Well, I really do think you are the best teacher ever. Thank you for all you have done for me throughout the year!!!! Hope you see this reply soon. Bye!!!!

1/12/2010 01:39:47 am has many cool stuff that you can learn about like the name of the moon and more.

1/12/2010 03:45:27 am

this website shows good information and a really good picture of the moon and i learned a lot from it and i hope you like it as much as i did! love princesscutie

mrs. squarepants
1/12/2010 03:58:57 am

the moon

the moon has a lot of pictures on its site. it also has examples of a luner and a solor eclips. and of what i saw it has almost all our vocab words through when we were learning.

1/15/2010 01:51:16 am

Hi Mrs.Kady! I found a website that has lots of info on the moon; you might be suprised at what website I picked though. The website is NASA's website. It has lots of things about the moon on it. For example, it has moon fact sheets, pictures of the moon, and many more interesting things on it that are realated to learning about the moon. The website is page.html
It is a long website address but it has many great things that tell you about the moon. One other thing it has is online books that you can read to find out about the moon. Everythi8ng on the page of NASA's website relates to the moon. And, as froglover said, you are the best teacer in the world!


1/15/2010 12:28:32 pm

By the way Mrs.Kady the NASA website I submitted that has lots of things about the moon on it has some really awesome pics of the moon on it. If you showed them to the rest of the class, I am sure they would be very impressed.:)

Mrs.Teacher Of New ork
1/18/2010 07:51:32 am

Hello Mrs. Kady!
I am a teacher in new york. Your grape smasher idea is very lovely. Also the websites these people have posted are very good. I like the nasa website. It does have lots of great moon facts and pictures...Good for Karmel1999 to observe that!

9/26/2010 09:30:55 am

hello i miss u very mucehh-0=-m.hf, hku9

9/26/2010 10:25:42 am

veronica215 - Hope your new school year is off to a great start! Miss all the fifth graders from Walsh, too!

12/18/2010 06:51:29 am

12/18/2010 06:55:02 am

I miss u soooo... much Mrs. Kady you were the BEST scince teacher EVER!!!! I reallly do missssss u very much!!!!! Hope you love Shuchard!


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