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If you are a student in Mrs. Kady's class, this blog is for you.  

To earn some extra credit points in science class this is what you'll need to do.  Please do not sign in with your real name, we want to keep your identity safe, so use your secure name that we decided to blog with in class.

To earn the extra credit: 
Find a website that has interesting information about the moon.  It can have a video, pictures, and/or information.  Leave the name of the website in your comment and tell me what information I can find from visiting the website.

Example Blog Comment:

In this website you can find an animation of the lunar phases.  There is even an interactive quiz on this site.  I think it is a good website to use to find out general information about the moon, but it is not kid friendly
1/10/2010 08:26:56

hiii mrs kady i found a web sit called Keits collection of moon facts, moon phases, moon photos and moon folklore this is how to get to it first go to google type in moon facts then prees enter when it take it to the page with all the possible places to go to it well be the third one from the top good luck

1/11/2010 05:11:56

hi mrs kady . my website is and it talks about moonphases, it shows a picture of space and worksheets teachers can hand out. once again the website is see ya :p

1/11/2010 10:27:41

hi mrs.kady this is my web site/ the website has one picture of the moon orbiting earth.the website showes how old the moon is which is 4.5 billon years shows how far the moon is from the earth wich is 250, i know that traviling by car to the moon takes 130 days.travling by rocket is 13hours and traviling by light speed takes 1.52 sec. thats whats all about my website

1/11/2010 11:47:32 and in that website there is a a Image of the moon hit earth

1/12/2010 03:51:57

Dear Mrs. Kady,
I found a really cool website that I am learning a lot from. It is:
and I thought it would be a great way for everyone to learn more about the solar system. The website describes each moon phase, has colorful pictures,
and lots of awesome information. I use this sometimes for studying in Science Olympiad in the event Starry Starry Night as well as others. Enjoy!

1/12/2010 03:53:48

Hi Mrs. Kady!!! I found a website. Here it is:
This website had tons and tons of cool and interesting facts about the moon. I think it is really cool! Enjoy!!!

1/12/2010 07:15:01

Hi Mrs.Kady! Here's the website I found: It has some fun facts and even says that on a survey in 1988, 13% of people thought the moon was made of cheese!

1/12/2010 08:25:29

Heyy mrs. Kady... This is the website that i found:

I thoght that this website had alot of great facts on it about the moon and the people on it. I wrote all the information down on a piece of paper that i thought was important. This website that ive discovered looked very intresting and I thought I have to share it with you :)

1/13/2010 09:52:10

Hi Mrs.Kady I have found a website that has questions, then under the question it has the answer. It tells you all the names of phases. It's really cool and fun. It's also very educational.Ithink a lot of people will like this website.Bye!

1/14/2010 07:31:48

Hi Mrs.Kady The website that I have chosen is http:/ because it shows the phases of the moon, solar and lunar eclipes, maps and photos of the moon and alot of interesting facts about the moon. I really liked this website so i hope u do too! Bye!:)

1/17/2010 01:43:09 is my website.

guy habito
1/19/2010 07:51:01

Hi Mrs. Kady. Here is a helpful website on moon phases. It is It showed the moon phases and the definition of each moon phase. It had a cool picture of the moon orbiting the earth. It had a lot of pictures and I liked it a lot.


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