Mrs. Kady's Fifth Grade Classroom


Already toured our classroom and want to see some of the projects and things we are working on?  Check out our Projects and Bulletin Boards page.  Lots of great ideas and downloadables are on the class tour page and the project/bulletin board page.

Also, I created a website just for teachers all about utilizing the workshop method when teaching.  It is called workshop teaching and it is worthwhile for you to check out and see how I organize and use my time in a workshop format.

S.T.A.L.L.I.O.N. Binder

A big goal for fifth graders is to become more responsible and organized.  To help my students become more responsible, at the beginning of the year they have a binder where they keep all their important class information and things.  They will use this binder for the whole year.  There is a lot on the internet about organizational binders.  Our school mascot is the stallion, so that is why I chose to call my binders STALLION binders.  Which is an acronym for Students That Achieve Life's Learning Independently 
& Organized Neatly.  There is a terrific list here where you can find an acronym that fits you!

The materials needed to create a STALLION binder are:
  • 1 or 1 1/2 inch clear sleeve covered 3 ring binder
    I usually buy mine in boxes of 12 from Office Depot
  • clear sleeves/sheet protectors (about 3 per student)
    Usually 1-2 boxes works for a class, and you'll probably have extra.
  • folder
  • labels
    I use shipping address labels because they are larger, for the inside of the folder.
binder cover.doc
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This is the cover I use for my STALLION binders.  I include the student's first and last name.  At the bottom is my contact information, such as my school email and school phone number.
binder guidelines.doc
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These are the guidelines for owning the STALLION binder.  I have this copied on colored paper for each binder and they are kept in the binder in clear sleeves.  This will show you where to put the binder labels.
about our class.doc
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I also have a copy of how our class works in each binder.  I copy it on colored paper and keep it in clear sleeves in the binder.  This is a reference for the student and parents so they know all the procedures and policies of our classroom.

binder labels.doc
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I use Avery white mailing labels #18163 and run them through the printer.   This is a set for one child.  You can copy each type of label per page if you are printing for a whole class.